Thursday, March 02, 2006

Whitfield Study Baseline Report

We have posted the baseline results of our study of the use of Linux laptops with Citrix. It can be found at Whitfield Study Baseline You can also reach this under the links section to the right. The baseline is a bit skewed. It took a while to dot all of our i's and cross all of our t's. The study is being funded by Lenovo, IBM and Intel and several divisions of IBM Consulting are collaborating on the design and implementation of this study. The baseline assessment was taken in early October. Thus, the results reflect more experience than one would expect for a baseline study.

Questions were designed to encourage teachers and students to reflect on their beliefs at the beginning of the year but it is difficult to segment your prior beliefs from current experiences. However, this should only serve to weaken the strength of results adding further credibility to the validity of them, should they be positive.

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