Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Check out SLED 10!

Whitfield is participant in the Novell Beta Program for SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10. Novell has been incredibly responsive to feedback from us and many other customers regarding the devlopment of their new Linux desktop. In addition, they did a tremendous amount of their own research through a project called Novell actually considered usability in the design of Linux! The result is rather impressive.

You can see screenshots of SLED10 at SLED 10 Preview. You can also download the beta from their site but you need to create a novell account on their website.

This new OS addresses our biggest issues regarding the use of Linux at Whitfield this year, specifically:
-Locating and managing files
-Limited functionality of Open Office 1.14
-Weak success with Evolution (mail)
-Less intuitive wireless connectivity

SLED 10 offers significant upgrades in Open Office, Firefox (web browsing), wireless management, power management and Evolution (e-mail). Search functionality has been completely redesigned and is incredible! You need to see it to believe it! It also offers cool new features such as photo and music management and slick 3D graphic integration. Check it out!


Dean Hays said...

This could be what makes me into a Linux fan! I checked out the web site, and it looks good, but as a "show-me" Missouri mule I will of course need to play with it to see what it can do. :)

Anonymous said...

SLED 10 is simply awesome. I attended BrainShare 2006 and can't wait for this to come out of beta. Linux is simply awesome.

Alex Inman said...

We will prep a beta image for faculty and students before the end of April. Our goal would be to have is in the hands of teachers all summer as well.