Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Linux Likes and Gripes (Response)

I solicited responses from members of our community and went back and did a content analysis on the survey data collected this year. I compiled a list of aspects of Linux that our students and teachers liked and disliked. I did not include items that are specific to our image choices. I tried to keep this agnostic to Linux in general as part of my feedback to the Linux Foundation at their Collaboration Summit in Austin, TX.

Here's the list including the number of times a statement was made:

Top Linux Likes:
Ease of Use (51)
Open Office (17)
Customization (16)
Desktop Effects (15)
Panel (10)
Stability (8)

Top Linux Gripes
Open Office (29)
Intuitive install (15)
Network Manager (11)
Ease of Use (10)
Samba (9)
DVD (7)
Power management (7)
Evolution (7)

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